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Santos Mod: Towards a Ban?

Iconic and stylish Santos watches have gained popularity around the world. However, these watches have also attracted attention due to the practice of modification, often called "Santos Mod". This trend raises questions regarding intellectual property rights and the authenticity of watches. In this article, we explore aspects of the Santos Mod and the thoughts surrounding a possible ban.

What is the Santos Mod?

The Santos de Cartier is an iconic watch that combines elegance, functionality and watchmaking innovation. However, some watch enthusiasts have taken to personalizing their Seikos by modifying various elements such as dials, bracelets, or adding unique details. This practice is what we call “Seiko Mod”. For some, it's a way to make a luxury piece their own and personalize it to match their personal style.

The Impact on the Cartier Brand

Watch modifiers are nothing new, but the growing popularity of the Santos Mod has raised concerns at Cartier, the brand behind the Santos. Cartier is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and timeless design. The integrity of the brand is based on respect for its original creations. When third parties modify Cartier watches, it raises questions about warranty, authenticity and quality.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Santos Mod practice raises important questions about intellectual property rights. Watch brands like Cartier hold rights to the design and aesthetic elements of their watches. When third parties modify these watches, it may potentially infringe these rights. Watch manufacturers have the right to protect their intellectual property and ensure that their products are used in accordance with their vision.

Reflection on a Ban

Faced with the increase in Santos Mod, some watch brands have considered banning the modification of their watches. This raises questions about regulation and protection of intellectual property. While some believe a ban is warranted to preserve brand integrity, others view watch customization as a form of artistic expression and appreciation of luxury watches.


The Santos Mod sparks passionate debates within the watchmaking community. While some believe that personalizing watches is a legitimate way to make a luxury watch your own, others consider that it could undermine the integrity of the brand and the value of the original watches. The question of a ban is no longer under study, it recalls the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and authenticity in the world of watchmaking. The practice of the Seiko Mod continues to evolve, and it is essential that the watch industry strikes a balance between innovation and protection of watchmaking heritage.

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