1. Description & Custom order

Please read all the description in the ad, the material, the movement, the price... as well as the aftermarket parts are referenced there.

For Custom order prices start at 290€ to 600€ and more, depends of the parts and personalization needed.

Payment for Custom order is by Paypal or transfer. 

Contact for custom order is Instagram or chat Shopify.

Models sold out on the website can be build on order, We don't restock all the time.

2. Shipping information

Price :

  • for France 8€
  • for EU 16€
  • for Worldwide 32€

Free for all EU order from 390€

3. Contact us for queries & follow us for latest updates


4. New to modding, what should I do?
Browse our Instagram for images of completed mods & find something you like.
Chat me up on Facebook, Instagram or email if you need help to identify the watch model & parts needed. 

5. Buy our modded watch

Payment currency is in Euro - EUR
- While browsing the website, you can view the approximate prices in your local currency, i.e. USD, GBP, YEN, etc.
- However, at checkout, the payment currency will be in EUR