La montre Datejust Seiko Mod : une conciliation subtile entre luxe, élégance et performance

The Datejust Seiko Mod watch: a subtle reconciliation between luxury, elegance and performance

The Seiko mod Datejust watch, a real gem in the watch industry. Combining refined aesthetics and formidable efficiency in terms of performance. The unique marriage of a dazzling blue dial with the shiny luster of its stainless steel case gives it an elegant and timeless look that will leave no one indifferent.

Fruit of the demanding know-how of the watchmakers at inarimod; the Datejust Blue comes in two different sizes either a standard 36 mm case or for more robust preferences a model also in 40 mm size. The latter is designed exclusively from 316L stainless steel , a material recognized for its remarkable resistance to scratches and corrosion.

This same metal adorns its polished and brushed bracelet, thus highlighting all the meticulousness brought during the creative process that the design of such a watchmaking jewel requires. Equipped with a folding clasp, it not only ensures comfort but also secure wearing on the wrist.

The characteristic emblem of the success of this master piece is undoubtedly its internal mechanism powered by the famous NH35 automatic movement guaranteeing exceptional precision on each tick marking the time that has passed or even the one that becomes this long-awaited future.

With a reserve of up to no less than 40 consecutive hours , we can say that this watch is clearly not about to be put out of action! Cherry on the cake? It will proudly accompany you during all your daily activities thanks to its certified waterproofness of up to 50 meters.

To conclude, no matter if your style leans more towards formal or more casual dress codes, the Seiko mod DJ watch will always find its place on your wrist, thus adding that final touch that will transform each of your outfits into true highly sophisticated works worthy from the biggest magazines such as GQ or Vogue!


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