Couronne vissé ou Couronne poussoir ?

Screw down crown or push crown?

Screw-in crown vs. push-in crown: which is best for your watch?

When customizing your Seiko watch, it is important to understand the different crown options available. The two main options are screw down crowns and push crowns. In this article, we'll look at the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which is best for your watch.

Screw-down crown: Screw-down crown screws are often found on diver's watches and military watches. The main feature of this option is the presence of an O-ring that ensures maximum sealing. The crown is attached to the watch with a screw that screws into the case to provide additional water resistance. To set the time or date, you have to unscrew the crown, pull it out and turn it.

The advantages of screw crown screws are:

  • Maximum sealing
  • Increased safety for divers and military
  • No risk of crown coming off

The disadvantages of screw-down crown screws are:

  • Need to unscrew the crown to adjust the time or date
  • Can be difficult to use with gloves

Push Crown: Push crowns are often found on dress watches and sports watches. The crown is attached to the watch case with an O-ring and can be pushed or pulled to adjust the time or date. The push crown is easier to use than screw down crowns and is often preferred for everyday watches.

The advantages of push-in crowns are:

  • Ease of use to adjust the time or date
  • Easier to use with gloves

The disadvantages of push-button crowns are:

  • Less watertight than screw-down crown screws
  • Risk of crown coming off

Ultimately, choosing between a screw down crown and a push crown depends on what you will be using your watch for. If you are a diver or military, a screw down crown screw is an obvious choice. If you wear your watch every day, a push-button crown may be more practical and easier to use. It is important to consider all the pros and cons of each option before making your choice.

At Inarimod, we offer a wide range of screw and push-button crowns to personalize your Seiko watch. Whether you're looking for a practical option for everyday use or a waterproof option for diving, we've got you covered. Browse our selection of crowns and find the one that best suits your watch.

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